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Javascript Panorama Viewer

Panolens.js is an event-driven and WebGL based panorama viewer. Lightweight and flexible. It's built on top of Three.JS.

Panorama Demo


Include three.min.js and panolens.min.js If you want to support offline experience, please include panolens-offline.min.js instead

<script src="js/three.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/panolens.min.js"></script>

This code creates a 360 image panorama. The first panorama added to the viewer will be the entry point. To link panoramas, simply use other_panorama, new THREE.Vector3( X, Y, Z ) ) to connect the two. See examples and documentation for more details.


    var panorama, viewer;

    panorama = new PANOLENS.ImagePanorama( 'asset/equirectangular.jpg' );

    viewer = new PANOLENS.Viewer();
    viewer.add( panorama );


PANOLENS.Viewer Configuration

All attributes are optional

    viewer = new PANOLENS.Viewer({
        container: document.body,        // A DOM Element container
        controlBar: true,             // Vsibility of bottom control bar
        controlButtons: [],            // Buttons array in the control bar. Default to ['fullscreen', 'setting', 'video']
        autoHideControlBar: false,        // Auto hide control bar
        autoHideInfospot: true,            // Auto hide infospots
        horizontalView: false,            // Allow only horizontal camera control
        cameraFov: 60,                // Camera field of view in degree
        reverseDragging: false,            // Reverse orbit control direction
        enableReticle: false,            // Enable reticle for mouseless interaction
        dwellTime: 1500,            // Dwell time for reticle selection in millisecond
        autoReticleSelect: true,        // Auto select a clickable target after dwellTime
        viewIndicator: false,            // Adds an angle view indicator in upper left corner
        indicatorSize: 30,            // Size of View Indicator
        output: 'console'            // Whether and where to output infospot position. Could be 'console' or 'overlay'


Check Panolens example page


  1. Support equirectangular image
  2. Support cubemap images
  3. Support google streetview with panoId (How to get Panorama ID)
  4. Support 360 equirectangular video (like youtube/facebook 360 video) even on iOS!
  5. Support text/image/domElement annotations (Infospot)
  6. Built-in Orbit / DeviceOrientation camera controls
  7. Built-in fullscreen and video control widgets
  8. Convert equirectangular image into little planet (Stereographic projection)

How to add an infospot (hotspot)

Move cursor on a specific point in a panorama and press Ctrl with clicking or hovering, which will generate position (x, y, z) in the console or on the overlay element based on parameter output='console' or 'overlay'. See Panorama Infospot example for creating and attaching infospots.

Panorama Finding Infospot Position


Panolens.js includes Tween.js and iphone-inline-video by default

How to contribute

Always make your contributions for the latest dev branch, not master, so it can be tracked for the next release.


  1. npm packaging
  2. infospot editor