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Javascript 360 Panorama Viewer

Panolens.js is an event-driven and WebGL based panorama viewer. Lightweight and flexible. It's built on top of Three.JS.


Panorama Demo


Include three.min.js and panolens.min.js

To find the correct supported versions, please check dependencies section in package.json or acess PANOLENS.VERSION or PANOLENS.THREE_VERSION at runtime.

<script src="js/three.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/panolens.min.js"></script>

The following code generates a 360 image panorama. The first panorama added to the viewer will be the entry point. To link panoramas, use other_panorama, new THREE.Vector3( X, Y, Z ) ) to connect the two.

const panorama = new PANOLENS.ImagePanorama( 'asset/equirectangular.jpg' );
const viewer = new PANOLENS.Viewer();
viewer.add( panorama );


Panolens.js includes Tween.js by default, meaning TWEEN will be available with window object

How to contribute

Always make your contributions for the latest dev branch, not master, so it can be tracked for the next release.


npm start


npm run build-closure